A Detailed Guide To Applying for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

How To Apply For Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

After The establishment of Imran Khan Government, The Prime Minister Imran Khan Announced “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” For The Needy People With No Homes And Set A Eligibility Criteria For Them. In regards With This Scheme, National Database Registration Authority Has Issued The Registration Forms for Naya Pakistan Housing Projects All over Pakistan (Selected Cities Only).

This Project Has Been Started ON Priority Basis in The Following Cities:

  • Islamabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Sukkur
  • Gilgit
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Swat

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme As a Leading Project Over Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan Announced multiple Times During His Election campaigns about the building of about 5 Million New Low-cost Houses for The citizens for Pakistan. For this, They Promised after the government will be established.in this regards In the first Year, almost 1 million houses will be developed under this Scheme.

After the first 21 days, Prime Minister Hired A team Of Land Development Specialists And They surveyed across Pakistan where this development Authority Can take Action. Now The First Phase Of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme has been Announced You Can Proceed To The Registration Form The Link Will Be Given At The End.

According To This Project Details The Government Of Pakistan Will Be responsible to Provide Land Place For The Scheme. The Govement will provide All Required Things And Suitable Land And Machinery Under There Authorities.

Foundation OF 6 Million Jobs

The Prime Minister Have A strong Believes That This Projects Can Create About Million Jobs! A New Journey Towards Naya Pakistan.

Prime Minister Tweeted On Thursday Said That This Project Will be able To Create More than 6 Milion Jobs In & Under His Government! Which Directly Demands About 40 Industries Across Pakistan. In MY personal Opinion Ater Many Crises The Imran Khan Will Be Able To Make Naya Pakistan. In his conference, he said Spend @ difficult years With Me And i will promise You, Will, Be The Superior Pakistani Citizen.

A Detailed Guide To Applying for the Naya Pakistan Housing

Who Can Apply For Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (Phase 1)

  • The eligibility criteria of the project allow only one person per family (husband, wife, and children) to apply in this scheme.
  • Candidates who do not own any independent residential unit in Pakistan will have the privilege.
  • Homes are for the common man with monthly income around Rs10,000-25,000 NOt Lower Or Not Higher Than That.
  • The 1Candidates will deposit PKR (Pakistani Rupees) 250 along with this registration form.
  • However, The Price per HouseIs not decided Yet But The authority Will decide It After Checking The Types Of Houses Specifications.

The Registration forms For Naya Pakistan housing scheme are available on NADRA’s Website.

You can download the form The Link That Has been given on NADRA website as i have mentioned. The applications For The Following Scheme under The Government! You can submit the Application Form Under The district office Of Your City The List I given Below You Can Check Them Out.

Registration forms can be submitted in the following offices:

QUETTANADRA Registration Center, adjacent Helper Eye Hospital,

MUZAFFARABAD: DC Office old secretariat, Muzaffarabad

SWAT: DC Office, District Court, Mingora Swat

ISLAMABAD: NADRA Mega Center, Blue Area Islamabad

FAISALABAD: DC Office Faisalabad

SUKKUR: DC Office, Sukkur

GILGIT: DC Office, Gilgit

Hope You Will Understand The Concept Behind Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme!

A Detailed Guide To Applying for the Naya Pakistan Housing