Aio launcher apk For Android – Best Android Launcher 2018

Aio launcher apk For Android Latest Version

AIO Launcher isn’t conventional home screen. It doesn’t have vivid symbols, numerous liveliness impacts and an assortment of subjects. Rather, AIO Launcher utilizes a screen space to demonstrate to you the most critical data.

Aio Launcher Apk

AIO Launcher can show the accompanying data on the screen:

  • Weather – current climate and estimate for 10 days;
  • System screen – RAM and NAND utilization, level of battery control;
  • Notifications – Standard android notices (paid);
  • Player – when you turn on the music, playback control catches show up;
  • Frequent applications – often utilized applications catch;
  • Frequent contacts – the rundown of late contacts;
  • Your applications – the symbols of the chose applications (paid);
  • SMS  as of late got SMS;
  • Dialer  num pad for speedy calls;
  • Timer – clock begin catches;
  • Mail – the rundown of got messages;
  • Notes – the rundown of your notes;
  • Telegram – last messages (paid);
  • RSS – most recent news;
  • Twitter – all tweets or a solitary client tweets;
  • Calendar – up and coming occasions in the logbook;
  • Exchange rates – money trade rates;
  • Bitcoin – the bitcoin cost;
  • Different highlights:
  • Several unique subjects;
  • Icon packs bolster;
  • Ability to change the text dimension;
  • Advanced scan framework for applications, contacts, records and data on the Internet;
  • Ability to rename applications.
  • Utilization:

Aio Launcher Apk

Swipe on look catch opens the brisk menu with telephone, camera, and market;

To include the Android gadget, long press look catch.

To resize the gadget, hold the finger on the gadget, at that point utilize the here and there catches.

To get to the rundown of all applications, drag from the left edge of the screen;

To revive the data on the screen, pull down.

Hold finger on different components of the screen to open the menu.

To open settings, hold your finger on the hunt catch, and after that tap the rigging symbol.

Hold the title of the gadget to move it around.

Any gadget can be debilitated in settings.

You can limit the gadget by tapping on its name.

To expel an application, open the application menu, hold your finger on the coveted application, and drag it to the reuse container symbol.

Aio Launcher Apk

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