AlarmTube Free Apk Download

AlarmTube Free Apk Download


AlarmTube Free Apk

AlarmTube Free You can keep utilizing a few sections of capacities that are intended to be discharged as pay works after Version 2.3.

・The maximum point of confinement of 1 playlist is changed from 3 to 200.

・Repeat capacity of playlist

・Shuffle capacity of the playback arrange

★If you discover a bug, please send us the log by picking “deformity report” in application menu before uninstalling the application or compose a negative review.Thanks for your participation to enhance the nature of utilization.

AlarmTube Free Apk Download

Features of AlarmTube

It is a free caution application that can utilize your main tunes and recordings on YouTube as an alert.

1 melody as well as you can include 3 of your main tunes to a playlist. This application is prescribed for the individuals who need to wake up with the opening and consummation tunes of most loved movements and dramatizations.

You can sort and scan for YouTube music and recordings inside the application.

It isn’t just as an Alarm yet, in addition, suggested as music and video player.

Make your own caution playlist, and wake up feeling new every morning♪

◆ Let’s utilization when you are…

◯ awakening feeling not very much refreshed.

By setting your most loved anime and show music as wake-up alert,

you will for beyond any doubt wake up feeling crisp each morning!

◯looking for your most loved show and anime music

You can sort and scan for YouTube music and recordings inside the application.

It isn’t just as an Alarm yet additionally prescribed as music and video player.

In the event that you are exhausted awakening with regular flat BGMs and music, attempt this application.

In this application, you can look for mainstream melodies and the most recent tunes on YouTube and set it as a caution. At that point, you will see the crisp morning with blasting music♪

◆Recommended for the individuals who are…

・waking up feeling terrible and searching for an Alarm application for better waking

・not ready to wake up with regular alert and caution sound

・wanting to tune in and watch most loved music and recordings on YouTube

・wanting to utilize a considerable measure of most loved music as alert

◆Recommended Features

・Create your own alert playlist

・Sort scan for most loved music and videos(in climbing request, date, play time, fame arrange)

・Vibration caution

・Alarm ON/OFF

・Add, erase, alter Alarm

・Multiple caution check so as to keep the alert initiated in the meantime

・App shading subject can be browsed Dark and Light

・Play list creation work (200 records in a single caution)

・Sort and channel work for Alarm Lists

・Additional rehash and rearrange work for playback records

・Introduction of Latest Material Design UI

AlarmTube Free Apk Download

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