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Call Blocker Apk

Call Blocker Apk Latest Version Free Download

The Call Blocker Apk encourages you abstain from irritating calls. Disregard undesirable individuals, telemarketers and robocalls. No one will have the capacity to irritate you when you would prefer not to talk.

Numerous Android telephones give call blocking capacities. For what reason is “Call Blocker” better? It has a few center highlights that together give solid assurance against irritating calls in Call Blocker Apk.

Call Blocker Apk


You can add any undesirable numbers to the “Boycott” from the calls log, contacts rundown or info the number physically. Additionally, by utilizing “Starts with” choice, you can obstruct a scope of numbers with certain first digits.


Utilizing the choices of this tab, you can square calls from private, obscure or all numbers. Additionally, you can turn on/off hindering with one straightforward tap.

Call Blocker Apk


In the event that you would prefer not to square calls from a specific number, adding it to the “Whitelist” is adequate. Guests from this rundown will never be dismissed by the blocker.


Call Blocker App spares every single blocked bring in the “Log”, where you can simply observe who has been blocked.

In addition, the application contains highlights, for example, notices about blocking and a status bar symbol, the two of which can be killed in the application settings.

Call Blocker Apk

You can clearly utilize your telephone’s worked in capacities or even overlook such issue. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are extremely tired of irritating calls, simply attempt this blocker.

If You want To Block unwanted calls The dont hesitate and download Call Blocker Apk And get rid of the fake calls now.

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