Fake Call Apk – Fake Caller ID

Fake Call Apk - Fake Caller ID

Fake Call Apk

The most expert and excellent phony guest id application in Android Market! Get out the inconvenience, give yourself a phony call id!

Recreate a phony guest id to save yourself from an unbalanced circumstance, such as exhausting gathering, irritating discussion, good for nothing meeting…

The phony call id won’t charge you any expense, it is thoroughly FREE.

Fake Call Apk - Fake Caller ID


– The name changed to “Call Assistant” when you introduced counterfeit bring in you telephone;

– Simulate Fake calling screen as genuine as your distinctive telephone: Samsung UI, Sony Erisson, HTC Sense,ICS, and so forth

– Customize counterfeit guest id, picture, number, in-call voice and ringtone for another phony call ;

– Schedule multi counterfeit calls ;

– Customize and deal with the diverse in-call voice and ringtones for each phony call ;

– Fake call fast set ;

– Schedule another phony call at a particular time;

– Fake call logs

– Fake now, past, even later on;

– Select phony guest id from your contacts;

– Also appeared in your phony call history;

– Fake call ringtone ,vibration and phony call voice can be redone ;

– Play Fake voice after phony call replied;

– Share Fake guest id with your companions from Gmail, Messaging and Twitter;

– 6 diverse Android framework counterfeit calling page to decide for your brisk phony call;

Portrayal of authorizations for Fake Call

1. Your own data

This consent can make a phony call from your contacts, and furthermore embed to genuine call log;

2. System correspondence

This consent is for bluetooth headphone and systems;

3. Capacity

This consent can record and alter counterfeit calling voices, which are put away in the SD card´╝Ť

4. Equipment controls

This consent is to set a phony call vibration;

Fake Call Apk - Fake Caller ID

5. Telephone calls

This consent is for you can get the genuine call amid the phony calling;

6. Framework apparatuses

This consent is to satisfy the phony call even after reboot the telephone;

Kindly be noticed: All authorizations are ONLY for better administration, we never gather client data.

Fake Call Apk - Fake Caller ID

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