Forest Live Wallpaper Free Apk Download

Forest Live Wallpaper Free Apk Download

Forest Live Wallpaper

Woodland Live Wallpaper is a decent, unwinding backdrop with trees blowing in the breeze and a sky that progressions from nightfall till day break.Remember to go into settings to turn on things like climate, multisampling* or the 3D parallax effect*, on the off chance that you don’t wanna pass up a great opportunity!

 Not upheld on all gadgets

Investigating How would I utilize this backdrop on my bolt screen?You need a bolt screen that can utilize live backdrops as foundation, similar to Locker Master or something. You may very well need to empower it in the launcher settings. When setting a backdrop on Galaxy S6, e.g., you pick whether to utilize if for your home screen, bolt screen or both. The one in the screen shot is a piece of the ROM CyanogenMod.

Forest Live Wallpaper Free Apk Download

The screen is excessively dull around evening time!

There’s a shading setting called Night-time multiplier that you can change to a brighter shading, making the trees and slopes brighter during the evening. It’s not the ideal arrangement, but rather it’ll need to do until I (in the long run) include a fix.

The climate isn’t right!

Ensure you have an area set in the area settings, at that point check if Recent climate information (through the menu in the climate settings) is accessible, cutting-edge and for the right area. If not, the climate supplier is basically not precise, but rather now you can change the climate supplier.


  • – Day/night cycle that blurs hues from day to night, in agreement to your area.
  • – Animated trees.
  • – Local climate (wind, rain, snow and mists, up until now).
  • – Parallax impact with a few layers while looking over.
  • – 3D parallax impact while tilting the gadget.
  • – Customizable hues and climate.
  • – Stars.
  • – Mountains.
  • – Simulated looking over.
  • – Clouds.
  • What’s in store later on?
  • – Infrequent updates (I’m languid – _-)
  • – More climate impacts (perceivability, lightning…).
  • – And significantly more arranged!

Forest Live Wallpaper Free Apk Download



Utilized for getting climate information from OpenWeatherMap and ForecastIO. Can be changed in the settings and is killed of course.


Utilized for getting an estimated area, which thusly is utilized for bringing neighborhood climate information and for figuring the sun’s height.

Forest Live Wallpaper Free Apk Download


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