Gesture Lock Screen Apk Latest Version – Free Apk Cloud

Gesture Lock Screen Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Gesture Lock Screen Apk Amazing Phone lock

I was in a search of such lock who can work on my fingers tips (Gestures found many but in vain nothing works then I installed Gesture Lock Screen Apk and my life with my old smartphone on the go here are some features I shared below to check them out.

Gesture Lock Screen Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Features of Gesture Lock Screen

  • Include/change/erase signal
  • Undetectable/strong/straightforward signal hues
  • Signal affectability
  • Single (one touch drawing) and different signal strokes
  • Set letters, numbers, images, marks, anything as motion secret word
  • Motion Lock Screen is a one of a kind mark bolt screen
  • Interloper Selfie option in Gesture Lock Screen Apk
  • Snaps a photograph of an interloper who entered wrong motion ns, PINs or fingerprints
  • Send interloper caution and photograph to your email address
  • Show interloper notice on open
  • Show date and time on interloper photographs
  • Custom gatecrasher wrong endeavors
  • View/open/change gatecrasher selfie organizer
  • Motion Lock Screen is an interloper selfie ready bolt screen
  • Unique mark
  • Unique mark open is just accessible on Android gadget running Marshmallow or higher with a finger impression sensor.
  • Sweep unique finger impression to open
  • Sweep unique finger impression to change signal or PIN
  • Sweep unique finger impression to kill locker of Gesture Lock Screen.
  • Cover up/Invisible unique finger impression symbol
  • Motion Lock Screen is a safe unique mark bolt screen


important Notices of Gesture Lock Screen Apk

  • Notices on bolt screen are accessible for Android 4.3 and more up to date
  • Show new messages, missed calls, music player, caution and more warnings on bolt screen
  • Conceal touchy warning substance
  • Single/twofold tap warning to attract motion to open and view subtle elements
  • Swipe to expel notice
  • Custom notice foundation and content shading
  • Change warning’s size and position
  • Signal Lock Screen is a very adjustable notice bolt screen
  • Security+
  • Enter recuperation secret key to open in the event that you overlooked the motion
  • 4~8-digit recuperation passwords
  • Motion Lock Screen is a safe keypad bolt screen
  • Customization
  •  Wallpaper
  • Pick backdrop from the display
  • Backdrop motions: squeeze to zoom, twofold tap to zoom, drag to skillet
  • Set home screen static and live backdrop as bolt screen backdrop
  • Live backdrop (LWP) is just upheld from Android KitKat to Marshmallow
  • Screen thing the editorial manager
  • Instinctive WYSIWYG manager
  • Drag to move screen thing
  • Tap or twofold tap thing to indicate settings
  • Drag to move settings board
  • Rich date and time settings
  • Set your name, emoticon or any content as bolt screen message
  • Battery rate pointer
  • Custom bolt/open/mistake sounds
  • 11 keypad topics
  • 3 open movements
  • 1s-24h bolt delays
  • 5-120s latency timeout (Marshmallow+)
  • Signal Lock Screen is an exceptionally adjustable DIY bolt screen
  • Progressed works included in Gesture Lock Screen Apk as they are needed.
  • Screen off and bolt your telephone without squeezing the physical power catch.

Gesture Lock Screen Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

If you don’t mind download Gesture Lock Screen, set letters, numbers, images, marks or logical signals as the watchword, and attract to open your telephone.

You Can Get the latest version of Gesture Lock Screen Apk by to click on the download button below.

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Gesture Lock Screen Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

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