Lux Lite Apk Latest Version – Free Apk Cloud

Lux Lite Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Lux Lite Apk Latest Version

Lux Lite Apk is an outcast application that empowers you to adequately modify your phone’s splendor sensor, saving you battery control and reducing eye strain if your phone is customarily excessively mind blowing in dull rooms.” – HowToGeek

Lux Lite Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Lux isn’t your typical sparkle application. It splendidly changes the sparkle of your show in perspective of nature you’re in. If you wander into a faintly lit room, Lux will normally cut down the brightness of your show to make it pleasing to scrutinize, and spare battery control.

Screen Temperature

Lux is furthermore prepared to change the screen temperature of your show normally to make it appropriate for night usage. At sunset, you can have Lux thus warm your show and change to your Night profile. In the event that you’re a space master, you can engage stargazer mode to evacuate unforgiving white light. If you have a root engaged phone, you may even have the ability to apply these enhancements at a low level with Lux’s module structure.

Possibly the best thing about Lux is that you can demonstrate to it generally accepted methods to continue. If the setting brightening is excessively splendid or lessen for your getting a charge out of, basically open the gave Dashboard, change the sparkle slider to the level you need, by then hold the association get. Lux will use this new ‘association’ as a wellspring of point of view in future.

Lux Lite Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Give it a go! I require you to test Lux for more than the 15 minute rebate period offered by Google. I understand that a couple of devices won’t not have the best quality light sensor, and that you may require greater chance to play around with settings. If you find that Lux here and there misses the mark for you after the 15 minutes is up, you can request a markdown inside seven days of obtainment through email – no request asked.


■ Stable, custom auto sparkle with root module reinforce.

■ [Paid Only] Use your encompassing light sensor or camera(s) to examine in incorporating light.

■ [Limited] Subzero splendor for night seeing.

■ [Paid Only] Select between Auto, Day, Night, Car and Cinema light profiles

■ [Paid Only] Automatic night mode. Change the shading temperature of your show for pleasant night time seeing.

■ Astronomer mode. Adds a red channel to your show to shield the vision of stargazers.

■ [Limited] Power-customer settings, for instance, choice of expansion, channels, and associated case modifying.

■ Add application specific exceptional cases through rest mode.

■ [Paid Only] Customisable obscure for scenery enlightenment changes.

■ Tasker and Locale support

■ Battery profitable.

■ Backup to SD.

■ No notices or distinctive unsettling influences.

Lux Lite Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Note: Please debilitate distinctive magnificence applications before using Lux. The maker isn’t in danger for any issues caused while using this application.

Need Lux in your vernacular? Join the elucidation wander here:


TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS: Used to scrutinize in luma values if camera input is picked.

DRAW OVER OTHER APPS: Required for night/astro mode.

READ PHONE STATE: Required to shield Lux from interfering with phone controls in Android 4.1.

Change SYSTEM SETTINGS: Brightness is a structure setting, as is flipping the default auto magnificence.

Recuperate RUNNING APPS: Required to make the ‘rest list’ convenience work, so Lux can disable itself when certain applications are in the nearer see.

COARSE LOCATION: Required to subsequently determine sunrise/sunset circumstances.

IN APP BILLING: Required for purchasing future device specific root only modules, to enhance convenience. (Not at exhibit used.)

Lux Lite Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

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