Power Battery Apk – Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Power Battery Apk - Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Power Battery is a light, quick and keen battery application that causes you to spare battery life and enhance battery wellbeing. With compelling battery saver, brilliant battery screen, quick battery charger and more battery modules, you are allowed to have a full control over the battery utilization and take a decent favorable position of the constrained battery limit.

Power Battery Apk - Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Battery Saver – Extend Up to 60% Battery Life

Power Battery rapidly filters your portable, check the power utilization of applications and settings, and spare battery life for you successfully.

– Optimizing application to deplete the battery with 1 tap;

– Presenting vitality reserve funds recommendations for gadget setting;

– Advanced battery saver that successfully stops battery depleting applications out of sight;

– Battery saver modes for various power sparing necessities, simple to switch and alter;

– Accurate evaluating remaining battery time;

– Showing battery rate on screen and status bar;

– Low battery update 1: battery low caution when 40% battery left;

– Low battery update 2: battery saver mode switch alert when the battery 20%;

– Support tablet battery: battery saver for android tablets too.

– Battery Health – 360 Degree Battery Care

Quick Charger – Battery Booster for Charge Times

– Launches consequently when battery charging;

– Stops battery depleting applications running while charging;

– Shows battery rate on screen and also charge time evaluating;

– Battery charge screen that recognizes battery charge level and switches between beneath modes

– Speed Mode: quick charging battery when battery underneath 80%;

Power Battery Apk - Battery Life Saver & Health Test

– Continuous Mode: begin an accusing of battery mind when battery in the vicinity of 80% and 100%;

– Trickle Mode: Reduce charging input when battery 100% for battery wellbeing.

Battery Monitor – Accurate Battery Usage Tracker

The savvy battery screen in Battery Center demonstrates to you the battery status, battery use data and in addition the power utilization occurring on your Android gadget.

– Battery Info Live: battery temperature, voltage, battery capacity(mAh) and the sky is the limit from there;

– Battery Usage: the power utilization subtle elements on your Android gadget;

Battery Info – View Battery Status, Battery Log and Battery History

In light of definitive papers calculation and precise battery test, Power Battery finds and show the key battery data for you to know your battery better, including live battery status, battery log of your battery history charge time. It likewise creates every day battery report, control utilization information and power-sparing data for you.

In excess of a Battery App – Memory Booster, System Junk Cleaner

– Memory Booster: accelerate your Android gadget;

– Junk Cleaner: output and expel framework garbage;

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Power Battery Apk - Battery Life Saver & Health Test

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Power Battery Apk - Battery Life Saver & Health Test

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