Power Light Apk Free Download Latest Version new – Free Apk Cloud

Power Light Apk Free Download Latest Version new - Free Apk Cloud

Power Light Apk Free Download Latest Version

The Power Light Apk Free Download transforms your Android telephone into a super quick and brilliant electric lamp LED gadget, giving you call screen subjects, strobe light, LED light, screen light and SOS light in haziness. It’s a little size however valuable LED spotlight application. Allowed to download it and let light sparkle out of dimness!

Power Flash Apk Free Download Lighting – Cool Features

– Super light up dull room, including LED electric lamp and screen light.

– Convenient and shine LED electric lamp controller for super quick screen light to modify.

– Blinking/Strobe light with speed controller, low light recurrence or high light recurrence.

– Color ring light glimmer alarm available to come back to work screen with multi-LED update light notices (HD call subject love)

– Super quick LED spotlight screen warning for SMS instant message.

– SOS streak light squinting at Morse Code, high light recurrence as crisis light.

– Keep brightest blaze light LED to telephone bolted call screen.

– Compass sensor gadget for providing guidance in outside.

– Battery vitality saver gadget for deplete control sparing.

★ Power Light – Highlights

Power Light Apk Free Download Latest Version new - Free Apk Cloud

Super LED Flashlight

This free modest electric lamp application utilizes camera LED streak on the Android gadget as a genuine light/streak light source. In the event that you require a genuine laser burn light. This glimmer camera LED light is prepared. To use with the straightforward switch (on/off) like utilizing a genuine portable light. Furthermore, a splendor of super quick spotlight LED laser burn application can be controlled, illuminate a dull room.

Screen Light up

Other than camera LED light controller. this little spotlight application utilizes call screen as genuine electric lamp LED laser burn source to illuminate a dim room in the event that you would prefer not to utilize telephone camera LED light update, or blaze light on camera LED streak update isn’t worked. The brilliance of screen electric lamp drove virtuoso is flexible, illuminate a dull room.

HD Call Screen Themes: LED Flashing Light on Calls and SMS Message

Do you require super quick LED electric lamp caution for telephone calling screen (ring light blaze application)? Do you require HD call screen light on telephone SMS message. Power Light is a ring light application. utilized as HD call screen application with camera LED update when telephone rings or instant message comes, reminding you with shading LED spotlight ready call screen subjects (love) and SMS messages topics. Super brilliant calling screen streak illuminate call screen for approaching calls and cool call screen lights illuminate instant messages.

Squinting/Strobe Light and SOS Light

Strobe spotlight recurrence is flexible with the touchy light recurrence strobe tuner, squinting from 0 to 9, low/high light recurrence. utilized as SOS light, area tracker and crisis light. Compass sensor gadget is advertised.

Simple and Customizable Torchlight

Power Light Apk Free Download gives wonderful backdrops to the boot screen. It’s advantageous to turn on free brightest spotlight application on bolt screen, switch on/off genuine electric lamp drove virtuoso and utilize effective LED streak lighting capacities. Likewise, easy to understand the outline of electric lamp drove laser light will give you genuine light involvement.

 Power Light – Usage


– Replace flame for control frustration with LED laser burn light call screen

– Light up room during the evening with LED electric lamp virtuoso gadget

– Find enter oblivious to genuine LED streak light laser burn

– Writing and book perusing with brightest electric lamp drove laser burn

– Light on your way to hike/illuminate dim outline

– LED streak light while strolling in obscurity

– Emergency light: illuminate SOS electric lamp drove virtuoso for help

– Location tracker with LED streak light call screen

– Color LED streak ready light on telephone call screen and camera LED update

– Shake the brightest spotlight LED light controller at show

– Find minimal ones with genuine lamp LED laser bur

Power Light Apk Free Download Latest Version new - Free Apk Cloud

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