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Proximity Lock/Unlock

Proximity Lock/Unlock Apk Free Download

Re You Want an awesome lock for your phone then try Proximity Lock/Unlock Apk Take extreme authority over your android with this nearness application.

Proximity Lock/Unlock

Primary Features:

– Lock (gadget bolts and screen kills when nearness sensor secured.

– Unlock (gadget illuminates and the screen turns on when closeness sensor secured.

– Pocket mode (Device secures when put stash and opens when taken out. This mode currently additionally utilizes the accelerometer to check gadget position. Gadget secures when upside at a predetermined point and when the sensor is revealed. It opens when the sensor is revealed.

Proximity Lock/Unlock

– Lock/Unlock (Device locks if the screen is on and opens if the screen is off.

Different Options:

– Sensor Delay (set time delay before sensor distinguishes question, helpful to anticipate inadvertent locking/opening)

– Permanent Notification (cripple lasting warning. can make issues underneath Jellybean)

– Auto On/Off (App will consequently begin at wasted time and stop at a wasted time.

– Autostart on boot (App will begin when the gadget is rebooted. The application has been worked with material structure usage. This closeness application has a perfect interface with no confounding catches in Proximity Lock/Unlock Apk.

Proximity Lock/Unlock

Increment the life expectancy of your android’s capacity catch by utilizing this vicinity application!

On the off chance that you keep running into issues or face bugs, if you don’t mind don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through email so I can investigate the issue.

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Proximity Lock/Unlock Apk

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