Screen Lock Apk Funny And Safe Lock Screen App

Screen Lock Apk Funny And Safe Lock Screen App

Screen Lock Apk Funny And Safe Lock Screen

Screen Lock is a cool and safe screen bolt application. It gives the secret word and example bolts and open techniques.

This valuable and entertaining lock screen application likewise gives security bolt includes like gatecrasher selfie and warning lock. You can likewise actuate control focus on the bolt screen and deal with your telephone.

Screen Lock Apk Funny And Safe Lock Screen App

Main Features of Screen Lock

► Screen Lock and Unlock Methods

It’s anything but difficult to utilize secret word bolt and example bolt/motion bolt of this helpful screen bolt ace application to ensure your security. Very simple to bolt and open your telephone.

• Lock screen and open screen with safe watchword plan. Basically, input bolt screen watchword to open your telephone

• Design redid bolt screen example to bolt your telephone. Set a motion bolt screen as you need!

► Cute Wallpapers and Screen Lock

Screen Lock Apk Funny And Safe Lock Screen App

Screen Lock has different kawaii backdrops and charming little puppy backdrops likewise has emoticon backdrops and young lady backdrops, and also full anime backdrops and foundations. Among every one of these backdrops, adorable style, puppy topics, and girly backdrops are the most prominent charming backdrop subjects. Figure you may love the puppy and feline bolt screen subjects.

► Broken Glass Prank Screen Lock

Utilize broken screen bolt for the sake of entertainment. It enjoys a period bomb broken screen trick. This interesting lock screen application can be utilized to trick your companions. The broken screen bolt impact is so reasonable and they will be frightened. Why your telephone screen is broken? It’s a broken screen trick! Stunning screen bolt impact!

This screen bolt impact is cool and interesting than other screen bolt impacts and strategies, similar to watchword bolt and example bolt!

► Phone Screen Big Joke

Screen Lock is an astounding lock screen application for diversion. It will show a liveliness of creatures on the bolt screen of your telephone. For instance, a creepy crawly, mouse or reptile will stroll from one edge of your telephone screen to another. It is a screen unnerving joke!

Try not to like other bolt screen strategies, watchword bolt and example bolt, this alarming screen bolt impact is more clever.

► Diamond and Zipper Lock Screen

Screen Lock Apk Funny And Safe Lock Screen App

Jewel and zipper bolt screen is one of young lady’s most loved bolt screen backdrop subjects. Presently you can utilize this cool bolt screen example to change the way you bolt and open your telephone screen for good.

► Girl Wallpapers and Screen Lock

Other than jewel and zipper bolt screen, Screen Lock gives sleek and girly backdrops, foundations, and subjects for young ladies. Pick an entertaining lock screen design configuration to coordinate your taste and inclinations.

► Intruders Selfie

Help to find gatecrashers by taking a photo when he/she tries to soften up your telephone.

► Notification Lock

Warning lock is utilized to conceal notice substance of applications from the notice bar

Screen Lock Apk Funny And Safe Lock Screen App

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