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Smart Phone Lock Apk Latest Version

The Smart Phone Lock Apk use It is safe to say that you are stressed over uncovering your PIN and Pattern while you open your telephone?Here comes Smart Phone Lock for the save. Advanced mobile phone Lock will set the present telephone time as your open PIN for the bolt screen. It will change the PIN mystically on consistently! In this way, each time you open the gadget, the PIN will fluctuate and you require not stress over prying eyes around you. The best part is, you require not retain anything to recall the PIN. The modifiers will enable you to improve the security to the following level.

Smart Phone Lock Apk

Modifiers in Smart Phone Lock Apk

1) Offset PIN – You can set a number (Positive/Negative) and that number will be included/Subtracted from the present time.

Lets say the time is 03:30 and the balanced is +10, at that point the current open code will be 0340.

2) Reverse PIN – If you empower this modifier, at that point the PIN is switched number of the present time.

Lets say the time is 03:50 and the PIN to open the bolt screen is 0530.

Likewise, Smart Phone Lock gives Date PIN as an elective method to change the PIN. On the off chance that you utilize Date PIN, then the PIN to open your boot screen will be changed in light of your telephone date.

Smart Phone Lock Apk

Safeguard: If you overlook the PIN, Don’t worry. For any purpose of time, you can utilize your default PIN which you have entered amid the application establishment. Default PIN will go about as reinforcement code to open your telephone. Along these lines, you can sign in with default PIN. Regardless of whether you overlook the default PIN, subsequent to entering 3 wrong default PIN, there is a choice to get the default PIN through SMS to the enlisted telephone number in Smart Phone Lock Apk.

You can likewise shroud Smart Phone Lock application symbol from the App list by choosing to conceal symbol choice under settings. On the off chance that you conceal the symbol, it will be hard to discover you are utilizing Smart Phone Lock. You can dispatch the application by dialing/calling 1234 in the telephone.

Smart Phone Lock Apk

The application gives different choices like

1. Swipe to open – Optionally you can empower the swipe to open screen in the application settings.

2. Gadget Support – Optionally you can add any gadget to the swipe screen. So you can control your music player , see climate points of interest or any insights by adding proper gadget to the swipe screen.

3. Unlocker Protection – Once, you empower the unlocker security, in the event that anybody endeavors to open your portable with wrong secret key, the application will take photograph utilizing front camera (if accessible) without demonstrating the review and advise you in the wake of opening the gadget.

4. Lockscreen Background – You can choose any foundation picture according to you wish for the bolt screen

5. Battery sparing mode – This application is intended to devour less measure of battery. On the off chance that you wish, you can empower the battery sparing mode in the application settings to expand the battery life further.

The application is secret key secured, you can get to the application simply subsequent to entering the default stick which you have set amid establishment.

Smart Phone Lock Apk

New Features of Smart Phone Lock

* Support for 24 hour timePIN

* Option change your custom bolt screen pictures

* In-application buy to evacuate promotions

* Hiding the application Icon from the application list.

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