Super Tornado Screen Simulator Free Apk Download

Super Tornado Screen Simulator

Super Tornado Screen Simulator

Super tornado screen is an application to make jokes to your companions influencing them to trust that your telephone is equipped for causing a sea tempest by touching the screen.

* This is a reenacted tornado diversion, it isn’t genuine and is totally innocuous *

Welcome to the universe of super screens. We made this amusement attempting to accomplish elevated amounts of value to recreate the most reasonable impacts in both realistic movement and sound impacts and joining with various sensors of your gadget as the enactment of the vibrator at specific circumstances to accomplish more prominent authenticity.

Super tornado screen

is a reproduction amusement intended to joke with your companions and to have some good times and spend extended periods of time playing since it joins 6 unique kinds of screens and you should open them to have the capacity to utilize them playing a smaller than normal diversion that fuses to get free coins. First off you can specifically utilize the super electric screen that comes opened from the earliest starting point. Press the main choice and it will take you to a screen of a reproduced android telephone. When you touch the screen with your finger anyplace an energized tornado will show up, the vibrator will be actuated and a solid breeze will be heard. Drag your finger on the work area and you’ll see what occurs with the symbols, you can fly every one of the symbols and expel them from the screen. When you have evacuated every one of the symbols then the broken screen will show up, as though the glass of your telephone or tablet had broken, however, don’t stress this is an exceptionally sensible reproduction and your gadget won’t endure any genuine harm. Once the broken screen shows up you should tap on the back catch of your gadget, to come back to the fundamental menu and pick another sort of various screen.

Super Tornado Screen Simulator

To open new kinds of test systems you need to get coins or to defeat levels in the smaller than expected amusement that we fuse. You can likewise get free coins from multiple points of view by entering the coin zone.

The smaller than normal amusement will give you 10 coins for each level you figure out how to overcome. The gameplay is extremely straightforward, you basically need to toss the little balls by touching the screen. The objective is to put all the little balls on the huge ball in the inside without touching a few balls with the others. At the point when all the little balls are turning on the huge ball, you will go to the following level and you will remunerate with 10 coins, every 10 levels there is a beast that you should grab yet be watchful on the grounds that you just have 10 seconds to do as such. When every one of the balls has been put in under 10 seconds you will enter another zone with new music and distinctive material science (changing the dispatch speed, pivot, developments, and the musicality of the diversion, and so on.)

Super Tornado Screen Simulator

With the coins you have won, you can open the accompanying super screens

  • – Super fire screen
  • – Super electric screen
  • – Super flexible show
  • – Super inconceivable screen
  • – Super Tsunami Screen

Fire: Touch the screen and drag your finger to make fire in the work area and consume every one of the symbols

Power: an electric lightning will attack your telephone and you can shock the symbols

Flexible: it will look as though every one of the symbols was gotten with an imperceptible elastic band when they are touched

Outlandish: endeavor to tap on a symbol What will happen?

Tidal wave: a monster wave has become inside your telephone take a gander at what more amazing impact


  • – you needn’t bother with the web to (play disconnected)
  • – perfect for most Android gadgets
  • – tablet-upgraded
  • Under 30mb
  • – capacity to turn on and off the music and sound impacts
  • – the choice to impart to your companions straightforwardly from the application
  • – 1000 diverse amusement levels
  • – 6 sorts of screens to open
  • – inside converted into more than 40 dialects

Super Tornado Screen Simulator

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