Ultra Lock Apk Latest Version – Free Apk Cloud

Ultra Lock Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Ultra Lock Apk Free Download

Try A New Level Of Security Ultra Lock Apk greater part of the other App Lock applications give simply PIN and Pattern bolt choices to bolt your applications and vault. More often than not, our companions and associates can figure our PIN or Pattern by peeping behind us for a couple of times. Is your companions, partners, and relatives speculating your PIN number much of the time? We give the Ultra-Lock application to take care of your concern.

Hours and Minutes PIN: This alternative sets the present hours and minutes as your bolt screen PIN. For instance, if the present time is 10:50 AM, at that point your bolt screen PIN will be 1050. Since hours and minutes in the cellphone changes on consistently, your PIN will likewise change each moment. The best part is, you needn’t recollect the consistently changing PIN number.

Ultra Lock Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Features Of Ultra Lock Apk

Date and Month PIN: If you would prefer not to change your bolt screen PIN number to each moment, you can influence utilization of the Date and Month To stick which changes to your bolt screen PIN to current Date and Month. For instance, if the present date is 05/06/2018 in DD/MM/YYYY organize, at that point your bolt screen PIN will be 0506. On the following day, the PIN will be 0606.

Battery and Battery PIN: Battery and Battery PIN will set your bolt screen PIN as the present battery level in your cell phone.

Aside from them, Ultra Lock gives the different blends of the Hours, Minutes, Date, Month and Battery level, for example, Minutes and Date PIN, Month and Minutes PIN, Hours and Date PIN, Minutes and Battery PIN, and so forth., Using them, will make it intense for others to figure your App Lock secret keys in Ultra Lock Apk.

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Other Cool Features in the application

Time-Based Lock: You can empower or cripple the bolt for a specific arrangement of applications in light of the time. For instance, you can bolt your interpersonal interaction applications just amid your available time from 9 AM to 5 PM and open it after that time.

WiFi-Based Lock

You can empower or impair the bolt for a specific arrangement of applications in light of your associated WiFi. For instance, You can empower bolt to message applications when you associated with your office WiFi and impair bolt for them when you separate from that.

Ultra Lock Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

Intruder Detection

The application will catch the photograph utilizing the front camera on the off chance that somebody attempts to get to your bolted applications and demonstrate a notice about it when you open the bolt screen next time.

Last Unlock Time

In  Ultra Lock Apk  will demonstrate a warning with the last opened time of the bolted applications when you open the specific applications.

Lock PIN Modifiers: We give invert and balance modifiers which solidifies the assignment of speculating your PIN. For instance, If you utilize switch modifier choice Hours and Minute PIN write and the present time is 12:15 PM, at that point Ultra Lock Apk will set the bolt screen PIN for the App Lock as 5121 which is turn around of the present time.

  • Random Numeric Keypad: The bolt screen of the App Lock demonstrates the numeric keypad in the arbitrary request.
  • Photo and Gallery Lock: You can bolt your private photographs and recordings inside Ultra Lock Apk.

On the off chance that you might want to be a Beta analyzer or give input on the application if it’s not too much trouble.

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Ultra Lock Apk Latest Version - Free Apk Cloud

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