Write Colored Text On Facebook – Popular Magic Codes

Facebook Comment Magic Code

  1. @+[801253056595298:] Cute
  2. @+[1619248491645604:]Loh-E- Qurani
  3. @+[770840579661908:] Chatri
  4. @+[649756318400476:]Amazing Code
  5. @+[1617301651831667:]Ishq Hasata Hy
  6. ishq Rulata Hy
  7. @+[1550285078548758:]Desi Kalakar
  8. @+[1603451733221235:]Isay Kahty Hy
  9. @+[119928001499538:]Man Stand
  10. @+[598757510246668:]Dua
  11. @+[462533480466284:]Big Love
  12. @+[483433241686463:]Magic Line
  13. @+[249129151821573:]Good Night
  14. @+[840710779324287:] Active Now
  15. @+[392318174268082:] special Hurt
  16. @+[1006087856074906:] color Heart
  17. @+[1551754481724114:]Dil Code
  18. @+[778252732212134:]Most WELcoMe
  19. @+[121514244686564:]Like
  20. @+[15517544811724114:]Dil Code
  21. @+[355668917880291:]K code
  22. @+[120203338165176:] O Code
  23. @+[175253152637174:]DaNgure
  24. @+[429331703824098:]Tank
  25. @+[439963756157476:]Coment Hide
  26. @+[200767586721995:]Like
  27. @+[1541919849355523:]Loading
  28. @+[494287690620772:]Add Me
  29. @+[462533480466284:]Love Code
  30. @+[815025605207266:]Very Nice Dost
  31. @+[285161175003363:]chal oye
  32. <b><fg=bb700fc8>Songs Code
  33. @+[1756451607912696:]Love Dose

How To Write Colored Text On Facebook

Today I’ll Be Sharing This Great Trick On How to write Color text on Facebook But Note: This Works Only On FACEBOOK APP it doesn’t Work On Browser E.g OPERA MINI or UC BROWSER Hope that’s Clear Lets Go There…..

Color Code:

<+fg=b0ffd700> golden
<+fg=b0000000> black
<+fg=b0ff7f00> orange
<+fg=b0ffff00> yellow
<+fg=b0ff00ff> light pink
<+fg=b0ff007f> dark pink
<+fg=b0ff0000> redish pink
<+fg=b0800000> brown
<+fg=b0ffc0cb> light purple
<+fg=b06f00ff> dark blue
<+fg=b0c0c0c0> grey
<+fg=80ffffff> sky blue
<+fg=b000ffff> light blue
<+fg=b0bf00ff> purple
<+fg=b08f00ff> dark purple
<+fg=b0808000> mehandi green
<+fg=b0ba55d3> light purple
<+fg=b0f000f0> majenta
<+fg=b00000ff> blue
<+fg=b0b08080> steel grey
<+fg=b0000080> movve
<+fg=b0964b00> light brown
<+fg=f0f00f0f> red
<+fg=b000ff00> green

fg” for font color & ”bg” for background color (Fg
can be removed by ”bg” to change the back
ground color)

<+b> can be used to broaden the font…….

<+b><+fg=b000ff00><+bg=f0f00f0f> freeapkcloud.com ( [bg=red]freeapkcloud.com[/bg] )

<+b><+fg=f0f00f0f>freeapkcloud.com ( freeapkcloud.com )

Before using every code …remove
+” from everywhere